ELEfante was conceived by Jose, Anaí, Fer & Alba; four friends with a common passion: teaching Spanish as a second language with the use of new technologies. After several years of learning, traveling and experiencing different spots all around the world, we decided one day to join together and combine our dreams and ideals. We got to work and we gave birth to ELEfante: an online language school that is different, close, fun and permanently evolving. Here, our main goal is for the student to enjoy and learn as much as possible of the Spanish language.

In regards to our own targets, we would like to keep learning and working on what we like: teaching. We commit ourselves to taking care of every detail and making every student feel comfortable. We would like to discover the endless possibilities between a screen and a keyboard. We want to be innovative and to build a broad and exciting international online learning community.

ELEfante is a dream that keeps us dreaming. It allows us to continue growing on many levels. It is a friendly project made with love and care, and we hope it will be a source of enrichment for all our students.

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Nuestros alumnos

Ha sido un placer mejorar mi conversación en español con ELEFANTE. Muchas gracias! Ahora voy a México preparada para todo
Saturday, 31 October 2015

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