Anaí García Egido


My name is Ana, but many people call me Anaí. I have always loved languages, and I have always wanted to be a teacher, so I studied the Spanish language and then completed a Master's Degree in Spanish Teaching in Salamanca, Spain. Since traveling is my favorite hobby, I decided to start seeing new countries: I worked in England, Portugal, India, Latvia, and I am currently living in Thailand, where I teach Spanish at a university. I am also an examiner for the Spanish-speaking certification exam DELE, and sometimes I grade the written portion of the exam as well. I love discovering new cultures and learning-by-teaching.

 I’m Spanish Philologist and I studied a Master in  Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. I correct the writing part in DELE exams, and I’m an examiner on the oral part. Now, I’m a Spanish teacher in Thammasat University, in Bangkok.

Alba María Hernández Martín

I am Alba and I have never liked easy things. Maybe that is why I decided to study the Arabic language and to be an actress. After doing that, I began studying the Spanish language and also began a Master's Degree in Spanish Teaching at Salamanca University in Spain. This career led me to teach Spanish in Salamanca, Ethiopia and in the Western Sahara. I have been building a Spanish teaching program in the former for a couple of years. In addition to my education and to the Spanish lessons themselves, I also worked on the development of educational material in Salamanca University, and in creating an online teaching course.


For you to have a better idea of myself, I graduated from Arab Philology and I have a Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. I am examiner for DELE Spanish exams, writer for Spanish text books (ELElab, Usal), co-author of MOOC course “Español Salamanca A2 (MiriadaX)”, and teacher for Spanish language and communication.


Fernando Maés Ortega


Hi! I am Fer, the guy behind the development and maintenance of this web site. My approach to the Spanish language has more to do with people's communicative needs, and because of that I studied Journalism and Spanish. During my degree I became addicted to design, especially web design. I have done many projects - from online newspapers to personal websites. Do you think I don't belong here? The truth is that I am deep into language teaching, especially Spanish. I also taught English in high school and conversational Spanish for foreigners.

My education: Graduated from Journalism, studies in Spanish Philology, several courses in web design, editorial and journal design, software management. Currently I am finishing my Master in Spanish Contemporary History.


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