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a1a2 A1A2

If you don’t know anything about Spanish or you’ve just started, we can help you out with your first steps! Learn how to say hi!, introduce yourself, talk about you, your likes and dislikes, about what do you do… and you will start making friends so easily! You will see the results very soon!

b1b2 B1B2

If you’ve been learning Spanish for a while but you still have doubts, we can assist you in getting a better communication. You will learn how to use past tenses, you will control all the prepositions and we will introduce the subjunctive tense to you in a very dynamic, fun and personalized way. Your goals are our goals!

c1c2 C1C2

If you’ve been learning Spanish for a long time and you need to improve your knowledge, we will help you in your final stage. We will work on the most difficult grammar and you will learn colloquial language, so you can speak like a native would do.

c1c2 Preparación DELE

DELE are the Spanish Diplomas internationally recognized. No matter what level you want to reach, we can help you get it. We have specific exercises that will guide you through the exam, so you won’t only improve your language, but also you can be prepared for the test. With this Diploma, everybody in the world will know your Spanish level.

c1c2 Conversación

If you want to talk to native speakers to improve your Spanish by practising what you’ve learn, this is your best choice. You can talk about different topics and also have a good time speaking with very nice people, while your fluency improves.

c1c2 Español de los negocios

If your company has business in Spanish-speaking countries, you will need a specific training.We can help you with main topics and vocabulary in the business world.

c1c2 Español de supervivencia

Do you have to go to Spain and the only thing that you can say is “paella”? Your friends say “Buenos días” to you and you don’t know what to answer? This course will help you to survive in a Spanish environment. You will learn the basics (greetings, questions, orientation, shops, restaurants, phone conversations…) so you can live the rich hispanic daily life. You won’t be just one more tourist, you will be part of the culture!

c1c2 Seminarios y talleres

Once in a while, we will offer short workshops about specific topics. For example, you can improve you knowledge about hispanic cinema, travel, etc.


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Ha sido un placer mejorar mi conversación en español con ELEFANTE. Muchas gracias! Ahora voy a México preparada para todo
Saturday, 31 October 2015

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